It’s that time of year again…

Perhaps you’re a regular Franks and Beans viewer who enjoys coming to this site to watch videos and read about exciting happenings with the show.  Perhaps you are an NFL mascot with a weakness for non-alcoholic whipped cream-themed desserts.  My point is, you’ve perhaps been disheartened with this blog in recent weeks, because there have been few updates and even fewer that aren’t simply episodes or production blogs.

In the weeks ahead, that will hopefully change.  The good news: my semester of teaching is officially over.  Once I turn in grades (mostly without making them up!), I’ll be free and clear until August, at which point I’ll be so busy you may never see me again.  But until then!  Oh, the possibilities are endless.  Between now and July’s big San Diego Comic-Con, Larry and I are going to be pounding the ground, hitting the phones and performing other cliche actions that make it sound like what we’re doing has a great level of urgency and importance.

This means that new episodes will be filmed.  This means that the blog will be updated with increasingly regularity!  This means that my hair will begin to grow back!  Well, two out of those three are likely (and the other was worth the wishful thinking).  It’ll be a big seven or eight weeks coming up.  Exciting times await.  The end.

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