A long time ago, there was a blog titled “Franks and Beans”.  Everyone liked it so much that someone eventually decided, “let’s create the Internet so we can enjoy their videos electronically, once we also create videos.  Also, the Internet can be used for pornography.”  Soon after, the Internet was created by a man named Netley Interweb, who was eventually put to death for his heresy as a part of the Spanish Inquisition.

Now, millions of years later, freedom and equality reigns for all, and the joys of the Internet – as well as its original intended use – can be savored.  Here, America, is Franks and Beans, an irreverent comedy from the minds and other various parts of Jeff McClelland and Larry Franks.  The rest of Earth is free to enjoy it as well, but only Americans get the special Taste-O-Vision upgrade.  Viva Las Vegas.

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