Like Franks and Beans, get promoted by Franks and Beans

Gregarious Girdler logoUndoubtedly, reading one blog and only one blog forever and ever can give you a sense of unyielding, unhealthy loyalty, but when said blog only updates a few times a month (to use a hypothetical circumstance), it can get kind of lonely on the barren plains of the blogosphere.  Luckily (my second sentence to start with an adverb…for shame), we here at Franks and Beans can suggest other blogs for you to read.  Seriously (that’s three, dammit), we do this at least once every two years or so.

The Gregarious Girdler” not only uses one of my favorite adjectives to describe itself, but it’s also run by a Franks and Beans fan o’ the month and the number three commenter on this site (after Larry and myself…which isn’t sad in the least), Lauren.  Having a penchant for using Gs in an alliterative manner, she previously ran the Grouchy Gastronome blog, but decided that it was dumb and that she hated it.  I could also have told her that, if only she had asked.

So hey, Franks and Beans fans, check out Lauren’s new WordPress-powered blog today – nay, this very second!  You’ll be glad you did.*

* This is not a guarantee.