Franks and Beans business cards

Let’s say you’ve bought some great items on the eBay from your pal, Jeff.  First of all, would it have killed you to drive up the bidding a little bit?  Those eBay fees can come down pretty hard.  Secondly, when you get your package, chances are you’ll see something like what’s directly above.

This, simply, is because I am not satisfied with sending an unsolicited advertisement for fantastic Internet programming to just one person!  Certainly not – I want the entire United States Postal Service to join in on the advertising push.  And, perhaps, anyone else who sees it along the way (or steals it en route), all the way until it reaches your waiting hands.  You flip the package over, see the baked beaned background, hold the image high in the air and exclaim, “Yes!  Yes!  I’ll go there RIGHT NOW!”

Or, perhaps, you might say something along the lines of “what the hell is this?!”  Either way, it’s seen.  And that’s all we can ask for.

Our Franks and Beans business cards have been out for a while, and already they are collectors’ items.  I say this because I’ve got like a thousand of them sitting in a box on a shelf, so I must be hoarding them for a reason.  I foist them on others mostly at comic book conventions, when I have a semi-captive audience and when people are looking for anything that might be free.

How much of an impact do these cards have?  A little, I guess.  After every convention, there’s a small spike in visitors to the site.  Whether that’s from the convention bump or a sign of our impending fame is difficult to tell.  I’m happy with them, though, and I guess that’s something.  The front of the card is the F&B logo and there’s some information on the back, including the aforementioned baked beans background that we got by dumping out a can of baked beans on a plate and then taking a picture of them.  And then eating the baked beans.

Below are the official Franks and Beans business card files.  They were expertly printed at  Want to make your own?  Knock yourself out!  Hand them out to friends!  Wallpaper your bathroom with them!  Stick them to your Trapper Keeper!  And as always, watch the mail.