Doing our part for Internet memes…


Hey, you know all of those great Futurama-themed memes that have been going around lately?  What’s that?  They’re on the downswing of their Internet lifespan?  Our Franks and Beans parody is pushing them further towards oblivion?  We should be more topical and cutting edge if we want to accomplish anything noteworthy?  WHO IS SAYING ALL OF THESE TERRIBLY MEAN THINGS?!?

Questions of relevance aside, here’s new Franks and Beans stuff to enjoy and pass on to all of your friends.  It’s Larry dressed up as Fry, with Photoshopped orange hair and everything!  This will actually play into a future episode, so it’s not without some semblance of usefulness.  But for now, it can serve a better purpose – to show that Franks and Beans has its collective finger on the pulse of Internet humor, four or five months after stuff is funny.  Better late than never!  “Your music’s bad, and you should feel bad!”

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