I think First National Bank is trying to tell me something…

I got a flyer in the mail recently extolling the virtues of First National Bank, which bought out local Parkvale Bank locations.  Throughout the publication, the bank endlessly promotes its website, which is, as you can see, fnb-online.com.

This is funny for two reasons: first, this is perilously reminiscent of another website I know of.  What’s the name of it…it’s, uh…oh!  I know!  It’s basically the abbreviation of franksandbeansonline.com!  Second, I find it hilarious that a corporation had to opt for the “online” phrase in the URL address.  The only reason we here at F&B (the comedy show, not the bank, so we’re clear) have “online” in our web address is because http://www.franksandbeans.com, a much more desirable name, is listed for sale at around $18,000 per year.  Suffice it to say, we pay a bit less for our domain name.

That all said, if Franks and Beans ever hits it big and has the need for a separate, business-only bank account, you can bet we’ll be banking with First National Bank.  I mean, we’re practically family.

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