Bon Voyage!

We have here, for your viewing pleasure (or ambivalence), the official, completed, in before the deadline Franks and Beans Comic-Con Independent Film Festival submission.  This sucker took an extra long time to perfect, so it gets several blog posts about it.  I sent this package in the mail yesterday, but beforehand I took this picture of the entire submission packet.  Feel free to download the picture and stick it on your fridge!

Included in this mailer, we have (numbered for your convenience):
1) the “Double Delivery” synopsis and creator bios
2) a cover letter
3) the official entry form
4) a production still
5) a stack of four DVDs, each with “Double Delivery” burned on them
6) a priority mail USPS envelope
7) a checkered tablecloth.  This isn’t included in the envelope.  But just in case, it’s labeled.

Being as neurotic as I am, I spent 75 cents on tracking information, and as I am a generous fellow, we can all follow along as our hopes and dreams are mailed all the way to sunny California.  Just click here to be whisked away to the postal service’s tracking website.

The postal worker promised me that the package would get to the PO Box in San Diego by Wednesday, February 1st.  If it doesn’t, I will be sad.  But hope spring eternal.  Good luck, little package.

…that’s what she said.

2 thoughts on “Bon Voyage!

  1. Will you be sharing the bios and cover letter? I read and love the bios, but I’m curious about the cover letter. I’m sure the bios could be deemed bloggable. Is that a word? It is now.


  2. I can send you the cover letter (it’s extremely quotidian – LOOK IT UP), but I don’t think I’ll share it. If someone really wants to read it, I wonder if the picture here is hi-res enough to read text. The bios, though…that’s a good idea. I’ll have to think of a way to incorporate them into the site on a semi permanent basis.


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