“Double Delivery” photo shoot & production still

One of the requirements for the Comic-Con film festival submission was a production still from our film (or as I like to call it, “episode”), “Double Delivery”.  The episode itself is coming together and is now completely edited – all that’s left to do is burn the DVDs, stick everything in an envelope and ship it off to the folks in San Diego – and it’s as complete a package as anything we’ve done here at F&B headquarters (Larry’s house) since its inception, so we’re both pretty excited.

Above you see the finalized production still that is heading off with our submission.  We snapped a number of pictures a few nights ago and this seemed to be the best one.  A few other takes can be seen below, though…including one of Larry kicking me in the groin, proving that we’re all class at Franks and Beans.  On a completely unrelated note, “Double Delivery” includes both a long burp and a fart in it.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen…

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