Comic-Con International Film Festival submission introduction

I’m posting this video a bit out of sequence because I want to get it as much exposure as possible as soon as possible.  As I mentioned a little while ago, Larry and I are submitting a Franks and Beans video to Comic-Con International’s Independent Film Festival taking place during the convention (which we’ll be attending).  What you see before you now is not, in fact, the episode we’re submitting.  This is merely an introduction to that video for all to see…well, I suppose by “all” I’m really hoping for “the judges in charge of the film festival”, but then again I guess I’d be okay if everyone else in the world saw it, too.

This was a fun extra episode to film, and the lack of transitions or a depth of scenes made it not so bad to edit, as well.  While we aren’t technically counting this as an episode, you can rest assured that this will make it into the season 3 DVD, which we’re planning on having out for the convention in San Diego.  I’ll bet that if F&B winds up being accepted and screened, we might even sell one or two.  Fingers crossed.  Hey San Diego Comic-Con Film Festival Committee!  Look at this video!  Watch it!  LOVE IT.  And screen Franks and Beans at Comic-Con!

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