The plan.

The new Franks and Beans website is up and running and looking halfway decent.  The web address – – is functional again and takes everyone (hundreds of thousands of you typing it in daily) directly to this page.  The “About” page has content on it for the first time ever.  There are links to the right of the page that lead you to pertinent sites like the YouTube page and our other projects.  The time is right to start adding videos again and putting content back out for all to see.

There are other things that will be changed: the background image (I searched Google for sunrise images…IT’S A METAPHOR) will become something F&B-centric.  If I can make the sidebar links less generic, I will.  Also, I’ll start being funny again in my blog posts, if I can ever break out of this spiraling, enervating melancholy that I constantly feel at the depths of my soul every waking moment of my existence (there we go!).

In any case, videos, blogs and other info will be re-posted in an expedient fashion in order to get us up to speed on all things Franks and Beans.  The sooner this becomes a more complete website, the better!  Then, the advertising push begins.

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